Disposable Tobacco Electronic Cigarettes

Next time you are at the local 711 and are about to buy a pack of regular cigarettes, consider trying one of the disposable tobacco electronic cigarettes sitting on the counter.  Its very likely going to change your life and get you to completely switch from smoking a regular cigarette.

The reasoning is clear.  A good disposable electronic cigarette is going to taste just like smoking tobacco cigarettes.  You will hardly notice the difference between the two when you close your eyes – that is how far and how well they make disposable electronic cigarettes these days.

Then when you consider how more cheaper it is to use disposable electronic cigarettes – partly because there are no tobacco taxes – and because it is about half the price of a pack of cigarettes.  You can really save a lot of money using disposable tobacco cigarettes.

It is so much cleaner to use disposable electronic cigarettes then to smoke a real cigarettes as it is odorless, does not mess with your teeth, and does not hurt your love ones (second hand smoke).

And lastly it is so easy to use.  No match or lighter is required.  It is ready to be used as soon as you buy it.  Just puff on the end of the tobacco electronic cigarette and it instantly activates the heating coil to vaporize the nicotine.  Once that happens, a water vapor smoke is created that serves as a means to deliver nicotine to your body.


Purchase Electronic Cigarettes

So today, I want to take the time out to tell you a few things to help you save some money and not waste your time trying useless electronic cigarettes that are offering nothing of value.

So here is the electronic cigarette that you should purchase if you are looking for a good reliable starter kit to leave smoking real cigarettes behind:


I particularly like this electronic cigarette kit because the tobacco flavor cartridges closely resembles a real cigarette.  They call it their Deluxe Starter Kit and it goes for $59.99.

The kit comes with 1 electronic cigarette, an extra battery, a usb charger, a portable wall charger, and 5 nicotine cartridges.

This is an excellent value and gives you a e cig that closely mimic what you been used to smoking with.  Its a great entry model for those of you who are beginners.

Tobacco Electronic Cigarettes

Accordingly to many sales figures, it appears that tobacco electronic cigarettes are the most popular flavored sold among all the electronic cigarettes being sold these days.  I think this data is a bite of misleading and could be someone incorrect.  Hear me out.

When someone orders an electronic cigarette, they don’t always know that they have a choice in terms of the flavors that they can select – so they take what comes with the kit by default.

Almost all of the electronic cigarettes are sold by default with a tobacco nicotine cartridge so that will tend to inflate the number of tobacco kits being sold.

I know inherently that tobacco is a popular flavor since most people want to get the same feeling and taste of smoking a regular cigarette but I am just pointing out that some of the numbers could be slightly wrong.